Friday, January 9, 2009

A tribute to my wonderful mother!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my wonderful mother. It has almost been a year since her death and as feelings of sadness want to overcome me I feel strongly that she wouldn't want me to dwell on the sadness but instead be happy and celebrate Heavenly Father's plan of salvation and the knowledge that I will see her again. The title of my blog: "New Day New Start Happy Heart" was something my mom created and said often. This post is in celebration of her wonderful, Christlike life and the impact she had on her family, friends, and complete stranger's lives. I love you Mom!


Gramma said...

She was a great woman and special friend. She knew how to make everyone happy and comfortable. We all miss her.

LaLaLauren said...

its true. she was amazing. she really was the glue in our family and shen the left we were broken i am sad to say. maybe i shouldnt say broken but very wounded. but we are still working together to stick ourselves back together and be whole again. we can never fully recover from this. but we can take this tragedy and get stronger. it still seems wierd that she is not with us. sometimes for split seconds i forget she is gone and i get excited to go to her house. then i remember. and like i said we will NEVER fully recover from this. when you loose someone this special you just cant. i love you all.
lauren (granddaughter)
new day. new start. happy heart.
(sorry for all the spelling mistakes)

Little Bee said...

I love her! :)

Moser Family said...

Love you Leslie and entire family. This is a very hard week. Memories and feelings are so tender. I know that two wonderful Grandmothers are very busy watching and careing for their precious Grandchildren (and children)from beyond the veil. I feel it, know it and I'm very grateful for it.
Thanks Aunt Susan and Mom. I love and miss you soooo much!:)

Amber said...

This post touched my heart and I loved the pictures in front of the temple. I'm thinking about you and your family!

Madison Ann said...

:) ♥